PROOF Canada Is Importing Terror! Edmonton Attack Exposed

Abdulahi Sharif the alleged ISIS operative who ran over and stabbed a police officer and plowed into 4 pedestrians with a U-Haul truck is a Somalian Refugee who immigrated from the United States! Sharif was ordered to return to Somalia in 2011 but instead he came to Canada because the federal government offered him sponsorship for one year. He was investigated by the RCMP in 2015 for “espousing extremist ideology” but was never officially charged. On the evening of September 30th 2017 AbdoolaHe Sheief plowed his vehicle into a police officer sending him flying into the air at which point he exited the vehicle and proceeded to stab the wounded officer before managing to then drive a U-Haul Truck down the busy streets of downtown Edmonton striking 4 pedestrians along the way. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth posses a scenario for a truly free market system of owners and trespassers vs governments and refugees.