The Truth About The Russia Collusion Hoax And The FALSE Left/Right Paradigm!!

In the wake of the Russia collusion hoax that has just been exposed let’s not forget the bigger picture here which is the fact that Donald Trump is an inside job! If you really thought the left-right paradigm was abandoned, that the powers-that-be would let an actual outsider not only run for president but win… well, I suggest you spend more time researching the new world order and less time voting for some power-hungry individual who claims to make everything great again. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth points out the most important aspect of the Mueller Russia collusion probe that everyone seems to be missing…Trump and his handlers have managed to get people interested in voting rather than supporting secession and decentralization. People are now looking to “fix” Washington rather than ignore it. They want to “Make America Great Again” instead of dissolving the Union which should be our #1 focus moving forward if we ever truly want freedom from governmental oppression.