Triple Vaxxed Soccer Superstar Alphonso Davies Has Myocarditis, Officials Say It’s Due To Covid

Canadian soccer superstar Alphonso Davies who received his booster shot in December now has myocarditis and will miss playing in the World Cup qualifiers. The 21 year old contracted Covid-19(84) despite being triple vaxxed and even though the CDC warns that adolescent male youths who receive the mRNA shots can get myocarditis, the media and sporting world claims that’s not the case with Alphonso! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth reveals the true scale of just how many young athletes are having heart problems because of the Covid-19(84) vaccines while proving that the shots don’t work as they claimed they would and should be rejected lock stock and barrel!
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An anonymous source within the US intelligence community has leaked knowledge of an apparent plan by the Russians to launch a false flag attack that is to be blamed on Ukraine as a pretext to justify an invasion of Ukraine as over 100,000 Russian troops gather along the border. Meanwhile a cyber attack has been launch on Ukraine with blame already being pointed at the Russians even though they themselves just took down a group of the cyber hacking criminals known as REvil. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains that the real false flag here is the notion that the Russians are going to carry out a false flag and it’s all being perpetuated by NATO and the Biden administration in an effort to gain more control both over the region and also at home!

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On Parliament Hill, John Brassard, the Conservative critic for ethics and accountable government discussed the Public Health Agency of Canada’s decision to collect data from millions of mobile devices to understand travel patterns during the COVID-19(84) pandemic. This is being done without parliamentary approval and also unbeknownst to the Canadian people. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth proves that this agenda to track trace and database everyone during Covid-19(84) is nothing new and that the big brother surveillance control grid has been the plan all along while also most importantly explaining what you can do right now to help mitigate the presence of big brother in your life.

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A Quebec Superior Court judge has suspended a father’s right to see his child based on his unvaccinated status and also because he is what the court refers to as a “conspiracy theorist”. Meanwhile the Quebec government is also now suggesting that you pay up or jab up as they prepare to pass new legislation that will allow them to tax the unvaxxed! And finally a BC father and his family is facing eviction from Ronald McDonald House where his 4 year old son receives leukaemia care all because the parents still have questions about the experimental Covid-19(84) jab that have gone unanswered. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers these 3 breaking stories that once again prove without a shadow of a doubt that the Covid-19(84) nightmare we are all living through has nothing to do with health and everything to do with control!

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Let’s face it folks, Covid is not that bad…a recent Stanford Epidemiology Study revealed that the infection fatality rate for COVID globally was around 0.15%. In Europe, the number stood at 0.3%-0.4% , while in Africa and Asia it went down to 0.05% and the survival rate for people under their 20’s is 99.9987%. Despite this fact the Trudeau government is still ramping up their inoculation program by mandating vaccines for cross border truckers pinching the bottleneck of the Canada/US supply chain even more than it already is! Meanwhile Canada’s Dr. Bonnie Henry recently said that “double-vaccinated residents who have already been infected by COVID-19 may benefit even more from a booster than those who haven’t…What we’re seeing is that people who have had a vaccine and infection, and then get their booster dose, are basically super-immune.” In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth proves that Covid is not that bad, that Dr. Bonnie Henry is wrong and that mandates for truckers which will impact supply chains has nothing to do with health and everything to do with control!

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Ghislain Maxwell the former girlfriend and accomplice to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who was convicted of sex trafficking of minors for the rich and powerful may soon get a retrial because one of the jurors in her case failed to mention his sexually abused past. As the case continues to develop it seems less and less likely that anyone of actual power and influence will be held accountable. Who were their clients and how much power do they have to blackmail them? Did they single handedly launch this honeypot operation to frame their political enemies all by themselves? In this video we hear the testimony of Claudia Mullen speaking to the Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments on March 15, 1995 detailing how she was recruited at the age of 7 to be trained and mentally conditioned to be a sex spy for the CIA.

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Two more children are now being used as poster kids for a propaganda campaign which is utilizing fear while also tugging at the heart strings of the masses. The causes of death for the two kids in question who died WITH Covid (one of them who was 4 years old tested positive one day before her death) is still unknown but this hasn’t stopped the media and pundits of this propaganda alike from spreading misinformation in an effort to ramp up the fear state among the masses so that they’ll rush out and take the experimental mRNA technology they call a vaccine. Meanwhile the Canadian Health Minister is suggesting that mandatory vaccines may soon be a reality in Canada at least if he got his way. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth completely debunks the false narrative that these kids definitely died FROM Covid while also explaining the effect that this mass formation psychosis is having on society.

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The prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is stoking the flames of hatred and bringing anger to the argument between the vaccinated and the unvaxxed as he continues to pin Canadians against each other and subsequently pinning them into a two tier society. Meanwhile the numbers in the data suggest the opposite of what Trudeau says because the data proves that it’s overwhelmingly clear that more vaccinated people are filling up the hospitals than the unvaxxed, who are in reality still just as healthy as they were pre Covid-19(84). In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows you the data and also uses words from the horses mouth lord Fauci to show you that the truth is actually out there…they’re just hoping you won’t notice and most certainly won’t connect the dots…

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