The Truth About The Battle For Iran – What You NEED To Know!

There is a great deception taking place as the masses in the west are being manipulated to going along with a war intended to overthrow the Iranian regime and to install a puppet leader, one who’s strings can be pulled in any direction that the US or their Ally Israel desires.
In what is now being described as the “most direct confrontation between Israel and Iran in decades,” Israel fired upon Syrian and Iranian forces late at night under the cover of darkness…Israel and Iran have been waging what the New York Times called a “shadow war” in Syria for months, as Israel has continued to launch multiple airstrikes, often resulting in casualties for Syrian and Iranian soldiers.

This attack came just days after Israel called up reserve troops to the Golan Heights, a disputed border region where the battle for oil routes is ongoing…I exposed this fact over 1 year ago in my video “BREAKING: Syrian War And The Battle For Golan Heights – Genie Oil & Gas Exposed!” where I warned what the agenda is, and it’s now coming to fruition…This recent attack came less than two days after President Trump announced his decision to pull the US out of the Iran deal. Trump said that the US would swiftly reimpose economic sanctions on Iran that had been lifted following the 2015 agreement despite the fact that the Iranian Regime has not aggressed against anyone in over 100 years…
In fact the Iranians claim that the Israel attack was a false flag attack…”while Iran maintains that last night’s skirmish between the Israeli Defense Force and Syrian Army forces was a false flag, and that the IDF struck first (continuing its pattern of airstrikes and other military assaults in Syria), the IDF boasted Thursday morning that Tehran “will need a lot of time to recover” from the most extensive Israeli attack in Syria since 1974.”….”And though the Israeli Defence Force says it’s not seeking “further escalation,” the IDF says that “the Syrian regime will be held accountable for everything happening in its territory,” and has warned against any retaliatory attack.
“They must understand that if it rains here, it will pour there,” said Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman…

The bottom line is this is not looking good for the Middle East as the CIA has been working to over through Syria and Iran for decades now and with the help of their ally Israel the war drums are now beating louder than ever…and those of us who can see right through their agenda must speak out and expose this plan now more than ever before it’s too late…They lied about Iraq, they lied about Lybia, thy’ve lied about Afghanistan, Syria and now Iran so in the name Truth, please share this video and lets help the masses in the west come to the realization that the The United States along with their ally Israel, are the number one aggressors here who need to be stopped.
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