WOW FACEBOOK Just Dug Their Own Grave & Put The FINAL Nail In The Coffin!!!

2019 may very well be the year of Facebook’s demise. 2018 was not a good year for the spying, tracking and databasing tech company as headline after headline brought into question their sinister practices which lead to massive sell offs of the company’s stock. Yet according to Bloomberg, FaceBook continues to generate significant ad revenue and they seem to be rebounding…but is this all organic or is the company just simply up to MORE sinister and shady tactics? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth looks at some of the latest revelations which expose this company as the Orwellian propaganda wing of the government that it is while warning the viewer that we can NOT look to Facebook or the government to solve the problems that were created by Facebook and/or the government but rather we must move towards a movement of non compliance and an all out boycott of these out of control tech companies before that option is no longer a possibility.