Yellow Vest BANK RUN Protest – They’re Going For The ROTHSCHILD’S, This Could Be HUGE!!!

The one thing the government and banksters fear the most is an informed population who understand economics and who see through their system of fractional reserve lending. The yellow vest protest in France has been taking their cause to the streets for weeks now with no real results, so now they’re switching up their strategy in an effort to hack at the root of the problem…the banks. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why this new tactic to create a run on the banks has great potential to put the government in it’s place and to create a ripple effect that may soon be felt and mimicked all over the world.

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Maxime Bernier took a trip down the rabbit hole! Last year Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviewed the leader of Canada’s newest political party “The People’s Party of Canada” Maxime Bernier and questioned him if there was a deep state or secret government here in Canada pushing for a world government and he laughed that off and simply said No, I don’t believe that! Fast forward to January 8th 2019 and he seems to have changed his tune as now he is tweeting “A Future World Government Will Destroy Canada”. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows how by constantly planting “truth seeds” the odds are that someday somewhere one of them will gain root and sprout into a mighty oak and become incredibly powerful and influential in society. Maxime Bernier appears to have just entered the rabbit hole….let’s guide him through it shall we?