What You Need To Know About The NFL Protests and President Trump

Apparently, Football is political now! One player took a knee during the National Anthem, in protest of police brutality, and now you have to choose a side.

Do you want to support the guys who are paid millions of dollars each year to wear tight pants and throw a ball across a field of fake grass who dare to make a political statement to raise awareness about the number of people killed by police, which is at nearly 900 in 2017, by the way.

Or do you want to wholeheartedly support your government like a good little American, by insisting that anyone who dares to do anything other than stand with their hand over their heart during our national sing-along is a lib-tard, un-American snowflake?

This is the latest “Divide and Conquer” propaganda technique in the land of the free, and you only get two choices.