Why New Gun Control Laws Won’t Stop Mass Shootings

Students across the United States are now protesting in favor of gun control but what they don’t seem to realize is that when a gunman is the only one in the room who is armed, he has all of the control.

Every time you create a gun-free zone, you are giving a would-be gunman the power to carry out the next “deadliest mass shooting in the United States,” because you are letting him know that he will be firing into a crowd of people who cannot defend themselves.

Not to mention the fact that the media provides 24/7 coverage every time a mass shooting happens, yet it provides very little coverage when police use guns to kill innocent civilians, or when cities are exploding with gun violence as a result of the failed war on drugs.

It’s not time for us to lie down and complain about how the government won’t “fix the problem,” it’s time for us to stand up and fight for solutions, and the last time I checked, the federal government is not in the business of solutions.

Full story and sources: goo.gl/EqEYb7