Am I a “White Supremacist?”

If you agree with any of these points, you might be a White supremacist.

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In this episode Henrik and Lana discuss:

* Failed November 4 Antifa Protests
* 100 Year Anniversary of The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia
* 100 Years Later, The Balfour Declaration
* First Time Trannies Win Elections in America
* Germany to Allow 3rd Gender Category
* Awful Singer Lido Pimienta Tells Whites To Get To The Back of The Concert Hall
* It’s Not OK to be White?
* “Go Home Ni**er” Hate Hoax in Air Force
* Trump Calls to End Diversity Lottery & Chain Migration
* Whites Adopt “Orphan” From Uganda That Already Has Family
* Poland Tells Its People To Breed Like Rabbits
* Facebook Wants You To Upload Your Nudes
* Nigel Farage: “The Jewish lobby has disproportionate power in the US”
* Top Soros Fund Manager Ran Human Trafficking ‘Sex Dungeon’
* Weinstein Hires Ex-Mossad Agents to Silence Women