Controlling The Masses: Sexual Revolution & The Role of Swedish Cinema – E. Michael Jones

Author E. Michael Jones and editor of joins Henrik to discuss his books Libido Dominandi, The Slaughter of Cities & The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. We being speaking about Pastor Anderson who recently was banned from entering Ireland. Religious freedom is diminishing and censorship is increasing in the “free” and “open” West. We dissect who is behind it and why it’s being done. We move on to discuss how pornography and the sexual revolution was a tool of mass control by the establishment. We also focus on Sweden’s role in breaking the sexual taboo in cinema in the 1960’s. Sweden was spearheading social engineering and the government relocated people into Bauhaus style buildings in conjunction with the Million Programme. In the second part we discuss “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit,” the rebuilding of the third temple in Jerusalem and the “arrival” of their messiah. We also discuss the failed war in Syria and the failed coup in Venezuela. Foreign wars, meddling and interference in other countries business is not working the same way it did in the past. This is one of the reasons the establishment is restricting communication and free flow of information online.