Culture of Insanity – Frodi Midjord

Frodi Midjord joins Henrik to talk about some of the recent news and the upcoming Scandza Forum. We cover Pink News scandal video that revealed that they were promoting pedophilia. Pink News “404’ed” the video and article after it caught some flack on Twitter. In a New York university feminists are teaching that milking cows is now “sexual abuse.” We move on to talk about the Philadelphia shooting, red flag laws and the lack of response by the mainstream media’s, compared to El Paso, Dayton and the Garlic festival shootings. Towards the end of part one we discuss the two upcoming Scandza Forum events in Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, Norway. In the second part we begin discussing Denmark’s Rasmus Paludan, the leader of the political party Hard Line / Stram Kurs and his provocative but effective style. He’s shining a bright light on cultural and religious incompatibilities in Denmark. After this we go into all the latest about Jeffrey Epstein, his neck bones were broken it was revealed today, also Ghislaine Maxwell have been found in the ritzy coastal town Manchester by the Sea, not too far from Boston, MA. We also discuss strategies and hope moving forward in our culture of insanity.
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Tucker Carlson was universally attacked in the mainstream media for calling out the White Supremacy hoax. Tucker is now on “vacation,” while many speculate that he actually was suspended by Fox News for two weeks, after his candid segment. The Fox News channel turned their back on Tucker and caved to pressure by the outrage mobs. In contrast, Fredo Cuomo was defended by his news network, CNN and other news anchors, after he had threatened a guy with physical violence, in a tirade of slurs because he didn’t get his name right. What is worse? Calling out the exaggeration of the threat of White Supremacy and how it’s being used by the media to sow discord or to threaten someone with physical violence? CNN and Fox News both obviously thinks that Tucker is the bad guy. In addition, CNN’s Don Lemon is being sued for shoving his hand in a bartender’s face, after he had rubbed his genitalia with said hand. He had allegedly asked the terrified bartender “do you like pu**y or d**k?”

We end the segment on the ICE facility that was shot at in San Antonio, Texas. This comes in the wake of both politicians and media calling ICE facilities “concentration camps.” Now we have a second attack on a facility in a short period of time. The media’s language is having real life consequences and they are radicalizing individuals that are whipped up into a frenzy over issues that are greatly exaggerated. Also: (RITV) – Flashback Friday – Ep38 – Epstein Unsealed Docs & A Crusade Against Common Sense

Henrik solo hosts Ep38 of Flashback Friday, We cover some of the recent news, important stories and the crusade against common sense. We begin on the Epstein unsealed documents. We move on to discuss Trump, hate crime, GOP’s support for red flag gun laws, sting operations and mass shootings. Also: (RITV) – Greece’s Economy Was Wrecked by Globalists to Initiate the Migrant Crisis – Poseidon

Poseidon from Greece joins Henrik to talk about how the globalists started the migration crisis by crashing the Greek economy and taking out Gaddafi in Libya. We talk about some recent stories coming out of Germany, the UK and Spain. In Part two we dissect in much more detail the primary NGO’s and interest groups that are behind organizing the migration wave coming into Europe. We specifically talk about IsrAid and look at their activities on the island of Lesbos in Greece. Also: (RITV) – The Far-Left Radicals That Might Have Inspired The Dayton Shooter – Gator

Gator joins Henrik to talk about the Dayton shooter, whom he followed on social media and those who might have inspired him. We also discuss how quickly the media and the activists was willing to fling blame after El Paso, but were very reluctant to accept details as they came out about the Dayton shooter. Also: (RITV) – Flashback Friday – Ep37 – Conspiracy Theories Are Now Terrorism With Guest Host Jim Goad

Henrik is joined by guest host Jim Goad to cover the latest news and some of the most important stories from the week. We also do a short interview with one of the creators of Entropy, the service that enables demonetized YouTube’s taking superchats. Tune in live. Also: (RITV) – Democratic Presidential Debates – Night 2

Also: (RITV) – Democratic Presidential Debates – Night 1 Pre-Stream

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Mark Collett joins Henrik to talk about the poorly made video Tommy Robinson’s news crew made attacking him. Tommy Robinson is currently in jail and so it remains unclear if he approved the video or not. We discuss some of the issues with the people surrounding Tommy, their uncritical support for Zionism and hypocritical stance on Israel. Also: (RITV) – Flashback Friday – Ep36 – “White Man Bad” With Guest Host Tim Murdock

Henrik and guest host Tim Murdock from White Rabbit Radio joins us live to talk about some of the latest news and important stories from the week. Also: (RITV) – Why Millennial Clickbait Media, Like Mic, Fail

Mic, a “hip” and “fresh” millennial operated news outlet recently tanked after years of raising millions of dollars. Why do so many of these clickbait news outlets fail?