Fight Internet Censorship, Free Speech For Anti-Establishment Dissidents – Frank LAWereWolf

Frank Espinoza, aka LAWereWolf, is a YouTuber and metapolitical activist who uses facts, satire, and humour to fight against internet censorship and media control.

Henrik welcomes Frank to Red Ice for an in-depth discussion about the censorious deplatforming tactics being wielded by big technology companies against the hostile establishment’s ideological opponents. Our conversation first addresses the escalation of censorship techniques that were first levelled at the Alt-Right and are now deployed against more moderate right-of-centre figures. We then quickly segue into possible solutions for this predicament that ultimately must take the form of the dissident right pursuing its interests as a group, regardless of subtle distinctions. Frank and Henrik discuss the power of the Right when it coalesced metapolitically to propel Donald Trump into the White House. The first segment of our program also discusses political polarization in America; the erosion of freedom of speech; and the power of independent media.

In the Red Ice Members’ portion of our show we continue our analysis of internet freedom and its ability to act as a counter-weight to elite control. We speak to how Donald Trump’s presidential campaign tapped into the widely held sentiment that the mainstream media is biased and corrupt. Our program goes on to discuss how Trump provided the alternative media with legitimacy; how websites such as Red Ice and Infowars in-turn covered the WikiLeaks revelations that devastated the Clinton campaign; methods to fight back against the prevailing orthodoxy; and much more.