Flashback Friday – Ep16 – Bernie’s Back, Smollett Gone, Tucker Stumped & Right-Wingers Banned

Episode 16 begins on a proposed bill in Iowa that wants to put homeschooled children in same category as abused or neglected kids. After a child video scandal, YouTube says ad-friendly videos can be demonetized for inappropriate comments. Youtube is also revamping it’s strike system. Chase Bank bans more conservatives and PayPal banned a reporter after he exposed them funding illegal immigration. Meanwhile, GAB is creating a comment section on every website via a browser that could change the internet.

An Asian Democratic presidential candidate is the first and only to mention White people in a non hostile, concerned way. Was Tucker cucked by a globalist utopian Rutger Bregman? Bernie is back and gets hate for telling Dems to let go of identity politics. An all LGBT city council in Palm Springs is charged for being all White and Jussie Smollett is so finished.