Flashback Friday – Ep20 – Why Only Some Terrorism Triggers Societal Reconstruction

Henrik and Lana discuss the latest sweeping changes coming to New Zealand in the wake of the Christchurch shooting: extraordinary new levels of censorship, “There Is No God But Allah” to be broadcast by state media and a gun confiscation program initiated by Jacinda Ardern’s government. In Italy we talk about an attack on school children by a Senegalese migrant, that was stopped last minute. In Utrecht, Netherlands there was a shooting that killed three, that no one is talking about. We’ll also talk about National Hijab Day in NZ, Terrorist attack in Germany thwarted last minute, 11 Islamists arrested, Sweden offers asylum to China’s 10 million Uyhgur Muslims, Finnish police complain on Henrik’s video about the meddling in the recent Swedish election, Red Ice kicked off from additional payment services and much more.