Flashback Friday – Ep23 – Hearings, Coincidences, Chats & Shutdowns

Red Ice TV – Published April 12th, 2019 – Henrik and guest host Adam Green from Know More News discuss the latest news and most important stories from the week. Tune in live to Flashback Friday Ep23. Some of the topic covered:

* The black hole discovery coincidence

* The hearing on White nationalism was a farce: censorship and fallout

* Roger Scruton fired for “White supremacy”

* Delhi High court goes after PewDiePie videos about India and T-Series

* Live Streamers abandoning YouTube for dlive, Pewds driven

* Assange arrested, possibly extradited to the US

* Dissenter banned from Google and Mozilla/FireFox

* Netanyahu win re-election in Israel: What now? West Bank annexation in the cards

and Much more