Flemish Nationalist Student Association Protest Genocide of White Farmers in SA – Otto van Malderen

Otto van Malderen is the head of the Antwerp NSV! The NSV! is a student organization that focuses on Flemish identity and is active in all big cities in Flanders. Otto studies applied economical sciences at the university of Antwerp.

Henrik welcomes Otto to the show for a discussion about the Belgian student organization Nationalistische Studenten Vereniging (NSV). Otto starts off by telling us a bit about his traditional student uniform, the background of the NSV, and how the various chapters of the group allow students to coalesce for discussions about Flemish nationalism. He explains that the chapters are active in all major student cities throughout Flanders and are comprised of nationalist students as well as older members. We then discuss the history, ethnic make-up, cultural differences, and genetic heritage of the Belgian peoples. Henrik then inquires about the NSV’s yearly march. Otto explains that this year’s march in Ghent served to bring attention to the plight of South Africa’s embattled white population.

In the members’ segment, Henrik and Otto broach the subject of nationalist political parties in Europe and whether or not there is an equivalent nationalist presence in Belgium. Otto provides a detailed breakdown of the Belgian political landscape. We also address the European Union’s effect on Belgian politics; the continued influence of Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi’s conceptualization of Europe; and much more.