Jordan Peterson Is Asked About ‘The JQ’ At His NY Talk

Jordan Peterson is questioned about the book, Two Hundred Years Together, at one of his talks in NYC. The book is a two-volume historical essay by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. It was written as a comprehensive history of Jews in the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and modern Russia.

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A black law professor says that Black Americans should be allowed to present their blackness as a recognized legal disability to combat racism. She claims that the racial designation ‘black’ was designed to be disabling.

Also: (Red Ice TV) – Young American Jews Question Israel’s Ethnostate, After Alt-Right Call For A European One

Young American Jews question if their ethnostate in Israel is moral after the Alt-Right argues for an ethnostate for Europeans.

Also: (Red Ice TV) – Cuckolding Is Good For Your Relationship, Says Degenerates

Anything the Alt-Right attacks, the left must embrace …on overdrive. CNN promotes cuckoldry and recommends couples to try it. CNN also does some additional myth-busting: sexual addiction doesn’t exist and pornography doesn’t damage your brain.