Lennart Svensson – The Hero’s Journey: War, Responsibility & Actionism

Lennart Svensson is a Swedish author. Although he began writing exclusively in Swedish, Lennart now writes in English as well. He is the author of numerous books and essays, including Actionism, Science Fiction Seen from the Right, Redeeming Lucifer, and Borderline: A Traditionalist Outlook for Modern Man.

Lennart returns to Red Ice to talk about his new book, Burning Magnesium. Our conversation begins with a discussion about the novel, which is set on the Eastern Front during the Second World War. Lennart tells us that the main character, Arno Greif, is a Swede who enrols in the German army in 1941. Born in Sweden to a German father and a Swedish mother, Arno is drawn to the conflict because of his zest, drive, and adventurous spirit. Although this work of historical fiction revolves around the main protagonist, Lennart wanted to describe the operational level of war. He set out to capture the colossal scale of the conflict with its massive number of men and vast mountains of materiel. We then discuss the research undertaken to produce such a work. The first segment ends with a conversation about Ernst Junger, Richard Wagner, Jungian archetypes, the hero’s journey, and Lennart’s philosophical work entitled Actionism.

The member’s portion of our interview delves into the irresponsibility fostered by the Swedish welfare state. Henrik and Lennart discuss Sweden’s ongoing problems with the imposition of multiculturalism by a hostile governmental elite on a captive populace. These issues are addressed in relation to Lennart’s own optimistic outlook and personal philosophy. We go on to speak about the future of the Swedish people, the dynamic nature of Sweden’s youth, technology’s roll in activist movements, and much more.