Rose McGowan Shifting Blame from Weinstein to Trump and Men

Rose McGowan gave a radical feminist speech at the Women’s Convention in Detroit this Friday. She went from blaming Weinstein and the environment in Hollywood for the alleged sexual abuse she experienced, to blaming Trump and males in general. She even went so far as to say “[Weinstein] and the big monster (Trump), they need to die.” For women like Rose, the blame needs to be shifted from the industry that use and abuse young naive women – with depravities such as the “acting couch” – to holding ALL men responsible.

What’s the solution? Listening to Rose and others behind the #MeToo campaign, a new era dominated by women and “minorities” will fix things. A new proletariat melded of the current victim classes will dominate over the patriarchy and the White males that built it. Power needs to be put into the hands of these angry vengeful women, that will end the cycle of abuse.

The Women’s Convention in Detroit is a nutty left-wing gathering that is peddling to every perceived victimized group – not only women – in order to gain as much political leverage as possible. The objective is to fight Trump, not to end abuse of women in Hollywood or anywhere else.