Smollett Walks, EU Meme Ban Passed & Facebook Bans White Nationalism – Orwell & Goode

Orwell & Goode joins Henrik to talk about some of the latest breaking news. We begin talking about the collapse of the Russia Collusion narrative and how Soros’ dirty money is behind letting the States Attorney who let Smollett go. We move on to discuss how EU’s destructive copyright directive just passed. According to reports a total of 13 MEP’s pressed the wrong button during a crucial vote to amend article 13 & 11. Later we discuss Facebook’s decision to ban what they consider to be “white nationalism” and “separatism.” In the second part we discuss the blast that left 5 people injured in an enriched suburb of Stockholm, Sweden. Joe Biden once again comes down on “white man’s culture” in recent speech. We end talking about the next great MAGA move by Trump: officially recognizing Israel’s annexation of the Golan heights. Kushner’s Genie Energy is going to benefit greatly from this move by his father-in-law.
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Henrik is joined by Tim Murdock AKA Horus The Avenger from White Rabbit Radio to discuss some of the recent outrageous censorship on social media and attacks on people discussing public issues like immigration, nationalism and globalization. Facebook recently announced that they will ban “White Nationalism” and “Separatism,” without offering any clear definition of these terms. Several organizations and individuals have already been axed from the dying boomer-ridden platform run by the thief Mark Zuckerberg. We also discuss how YouTube is transforming with censorship and an increasing number of public issues that are not allowed to be addressed on the platform. We also talk about Jerry Nadler’s upcoming House Judiciary Committee hearing on the “threat of White Nationalism.” In the second part of the show we discuss a newly composed lists of “though criminals” in the state of Michigan. We go over the recent news that the SPLC is collapsing from within and most of the executive branch of the organization is leaving the sinking ship. Later we discuss Trump’s agenda in regards to handing over the Golan Heights to Israel and Kushner ‘s meddling behind the scenes. Does Israel have a special role in emerging global world? We talk about the agenda of the neoconservatives, the construction of a third temple in Jerusalem and end times prophecy as it relates to geopolitical tensions.