Sweden on Fire Again, Left Wing Conspiracies Put Blame On Nationalists

Daniel Frandelov joins us from the streets of Gothenburg, Sweden to discuss the recent coordinated attacks – lighting massive amounts of cars on fire in the suburbs. While we all know who did this but the left deflects and are blaming Swedish Nationalists, since this will benefit them in the upcoming September election, they argue.

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Jay Dyer joins Henrik to discuss the suspension of his WordPress site JaysAnalysis.com. Jay is another casualty in the ongoing censorship war by the left, who consequently has had his ability to financially sustain his work terminated. We also discuss the terrifying future of ultimate conformity that is going to be based on a social score system, as depicted in the Black Mirror episode “Nosedive.” Important show about the randomization of the suspensions, terminations and the uncertainties in the age of big tech censorship.