Flashback Friday – Ep39 – Odd Folks Around Epstein, Anti-Whites & “You Must Love Israel”

Henrik and Lana cover the latest news and important stories in Ep39 of Flashback Friday. Tune in live.
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Sarah Dye returns to give an update of events following her interview with Lana. Also: (Red Ice) – Conspiracy Theories Are Terrorism

An internal FBI intelligence bulletin recently classified conspiracy theories as a new form of domestic terrorism. Why? How far could this go if people’s beliefs are criminalized? Also: (Red Ice) – ADL Push YouTube Into Deleting Allsup, Vdare, AIM & Strike Red Ice, Metokur

Henrik is joined by Patrick Casey from AIM (American Identity Movement) to talk about the continuation of the aggressive YouTube purge. The ADL (Anti Defamation League) is the pressure group behind lobbying Google/YouTube to remove content they don’t like. We discuss the short term implications of the censorship, upcoming lawsuits and long term strategy to be able to continue to share dissenting views in an era of unprecedented assaults on free speech. Also: (Red Ice) – YouTube Banning Spree – The Iconoclast

The Iconoclast joins Henrik to talk about YouTube banning his channel. We also talk about the demographic substitution, our future and take callers at the end. Also: (Red Ice) – Flashback Friday – Ep40 – Overstock CEO Bizarre Reveal, Rebranding Language, Arrested for Meme

Also: (Red Ice) – The Genderless Society – Jonas Nilsson

Filmmaker and political scientist Jonas Nilsson from Palaestra Media joins Henrik to talk about their new documentary “The Genderless Society.”