The Strange Mail Bomber Motive & Megyn Kelly Fired After “Blackface Apology” – Black Pilled

Devon Slack, AKA Black Pilled author of the novel “Day of the Rope,” joins Henrik to talk about how the strange motive of the Mail Bomber will be used to silence critics of globalists and initiate more censorship and restrictions online. Trump’s critique of the press has been used – by the press – as the reason for why CNN received a supposed bomb in the mail. It has yet not been established if the bombs were functioning or not or if this was intended as a hoax. We also discuss Megyn Kelly’s groveling to the outraged liberals that attacked her after defending people’s right to do blackface on Halloween. Despite a teary-eyed apology on television, it looks like Megyn Kelly will be fired anyway. Devon also tells us who it was that started blackface and the story behind it.

In the second hour for members we discuss updates on the caravan that is heading towards the US. We talk about the elites plan to replace the population in Western countries and why they are so obsessed with this goal. Later we talk about the Tucker Carlson and Cenk Uygur debate at Politicon and break down the weaknesses of Tucker. Devon goes into one of comedian Benjamin Owen’s recent videos where he expressed fear around accepting evolution because it leads to the science of racial differences. We finish off speaking about crazy democrat Cory Booker and his sexual assault … on a man.