Tom Kawczynski – Maine Town Manager Fired For Political Views

Tom Kawczynski formerly served as Town Manager of Jackman, Maine. Raised in Arizona, he now resides with his wife Dana in western Maine where they live happily with their reptiles. For more information, please visit to get in touch with him and learn more about his efforts to advance white civil rights and the defense of Western Civilization.

The program begins with Lana asking Tom to recount the story of how he became the subject of a vindictive media smear campaign. Tom explains that he was working as Town Manger of Jackman, Maine when he was contacted by a reporter from the Bangor Daily News, a left-leaning newspaper. Tom had been exercising his First Amendment rights, by way of social media and his own New Albion website, to express concerns about Islam’s compatibility with Western Civilization and the right of white people to freely associate with one another. The reporter inquired about Tom’s social media postings in the phone interview. The resultant hit piece led to Tom’s eventual resignation, and a mutually agreed upon monetary settlement. Lana goes on to inquire about how Tom’s Gab account was used as source material for the initial article. Tom reveals how a team of researchers from two different organizations went through his gab posts. They were taken out of context in order to concoct a caricature of him as a vile, racist, and hateful person. Lana and Tom go on to discuss the importance of free speech platforms on the internet, Tom’s New Albion project, the inherent contradictions of leftist virtue signalling, the social costs of diversity, the nebulous nature of diversity initiatives in government, the dishonest nature of the mainstream media, white civil rights, and much more.