Top 12 Biggest Lies Told To White People

Lana covers the top 12 anti-White lies and propaganda of our age.
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Just as a loving father wishes no one else ill but cherishes, honors, and defends his own family, Jared George has devoted his life to helping re-balance the currently ailing European peoples and societies. He works on multiple projects in various media, including “The After Party” and related livestreams. Also: (Red Ice) – Flashback Friday – Ep41 – “Why Don’t We M**der More White People?”

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Organic farmer Sarah Dye joins Lana to tell the story of how her family is being harassed and threatened by violent far leftists at the Bloomington, Indiana farmers’ market and how the mayor supports it. Also: (Red Ice) – The Truth About ‘Trad Wives’

An honest look into the meaning and lifestyle of a traditional wife.