Trans-formation of Norms, PG&E Wildfires in CA & Who is Siding With China? – FF Ep47

Henrik and Lana talk about the recent news and important stories from the week.
See Also: (RED ICE TV) – Extinction Rebellion, Our Future of Bugs & Pods – Morgoth’s Review

Morgoth’s Review joins Henrik to talk about the many issues facing the United Kingdom. We begin on the Extinction Rebellion, a new climate weapon the globalists use to get even more money, power and influence. We talk about the promotion of bug eating and pod living. In the second part we discuss demographics, Islamization of England, rise in knife crime, corporate support of milkshake activism and Brexit. Also: (RED ICE TV) – France: Muslim Convert Kills 4 Paris Cops, Jailed For Sharing Video & Rouen Fire – Thierry Durolle

Thierry Durolle joins Henrik from France to talk about some of the latest news. Four police officers were killed by a deaf radicalized muslim cop in Paris and Alain Soral is facing jail for 2 years for sharing an anti-Rothschild rap video. In the second part we talk about a massive chemical fire at a chemical plant in Rouen, which is causing strange health effects among local residents. We will also discuss the phony globalist endorsed environmental movement and the migrant encampments in Paris that is leaving the streets unsafe and full of trash. Also: (RED ICE TV) – Banned By Payment Processor For Selling A T-Shirt Quoting the Dalai Lama