Vincent Foxx – Film & Expose Your Marxist Professor

Lana welcomes Vincent to the show for a lively discussion about his news website, The Red Elephants. Vincent tells us about his intellectual journey from a person with more libertarian leanings to his current right-of-center views, which differ from mainstream conservatism. We go on to talk about just how pervasive cultural Marxism is in academia, and the effect that it has had on culture in the United States and across the West. We also talk about how the Left took control of our Universities from within. Vincent describes how Red Elephants has grown in this intellectual milieu as like-minded people search for alternative points of view. Vincent goes on to describe his Film Your Marxist Professor campaign and what that entails. Lana and Vincent even analyze a few clips from the initiative that were captured by intrepid students. Our conversation also covers the uses and abuses of history, Leftist criminality, and more.

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