Why They Censor Us: YouTube Strike 2

Strike 2 on our main YouTube channel came on December 23. We are unable to post any content to the Red Ice TV channel until Sunday January 6th. If a 3rd strike comes, we will lose that channel – and almost 300K subscribers with it – for good.

Henrik addresses the strike and moving forward. Make sure you subscribe to the backup Red Ice Media YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/RedIceMedia?s…

Thank you and Happy New Year!

We will continue to post ALL the content that we produce – just as usual – to https://redicemembers.com This is our own platform where we host all our videos. This includes members exclusive videos. Never any censorship on Red Ice Members. Sign up! Thank you for your support.

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The poor and White working classes in Britain are becoming minorities in the country of their ancestors, while the political class and establishment are turning their backs on them.

Also: (Red Ice TV) – German Christmas Markets Still Culturally Enriching? – Vaterland Report

Nikolai goes to two different Weihnachtsmarkt / Christmas markets in Germany to investigate if there is any authentic German culture present. First Nik visit the famous Wartburg castle, where Martin Luther translated the bible, for a medieval Christmas market. Then he goes to Breitscheidplatz in central Berlin, where two years ago the market was enriched by a truck. Nikolai samples Gluhwein, honey wine and also has a run-in with a liberal critic. Merry Christmas and Happy Yule everyone!

Also: (Red Ice TV) – Channel Update: Why No Vids? Because Strike 2

We could not upload any videos to this channel for over 2 weeks because of a 2nd strike that YouTube were kind to give us a day before Christmas Eve. This is a quick update on what happened and an appeal to not only subscribe to this channel but to our backup channel as well. Do it here: https://www.youtube.com/RedIceMedia?s…

Also: (Red Ice TV) – A Tale Of Two Different Cultural Narratives

While Oprah wants the movie “Black Panther” to receive an Oscar due to its “pride making” for young black children, White children are being taught that they are racists and evil for being White. In mass mainstream culture, one group is held up and celebrated while the other is being held down and demonized. One group receives affirmation and cultural boosts to aid their self-esteem, while the other is attacked and told they are bad. Whiteness is now a sin and anything that gives children who are White a sense of pride (“White Pride”) about their culture, history and achievements is fiercely attacked.

If “White Supremacy” was ruling in the West, as we hear all the time, then you would not be able to observe this phenomena of two totally contradicting messages – depending on if you are White vs. non-White.

Pride for everyone! No more double standards.

Also: (Red Ice TV) – Flashback Friday – Ep9 – The Transhumans Are Coming

In this 9th episode of Flashback Friday we discuss the boy trans-wrestler that won against a girl, James Bond is under trans attack, “gender X” birth certificates are now being issues in New York City. We move on to talk about Paul Craig Roberts who now see that the war on Whites is real, Henrik spoke with him about this – to some resistance – over four years ago. In South Africa students previously wanted to “decolonize science” now they are coming for math. Lastly we discuss the Democrats taking over the house, with Nancy Pelosi turning the whole thing into a kindergarten. Lastly we touch on Rashida Tlaib, a muslim congresswoman, who said “we’ll impeach the motherf**ker” regarding Trump.