Yang’s UBI, Tucker’s Assailants, Trump’s Downfall & Omar’s “Hate” – Angelo John Gage

Meta-political activist Angelo John Gage joins Henrik to talk about Trumps complete collapse, Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income (UBI) policy and the YangGang memes. We also talk about Tucker Carlson’s recent attackers, Media Matters and why they are seeking to take him off the air and get sponsors from abandoning his show. In the second part we talk about the unstoppable reality of automation and what is going to happen once UBI and sex-robots are ubiquitous. We explore Yang’s dividend proposal and it compares to Socialism. Democrats and Republicans both voted for the “anti-hate” bill in the wake of Ilhan Omar’s comments about AIPAC. Angelo explains why Omar is not wrong to highlight Israel’s influence on America. The bill originally intended to condemn anti-semitism exclusively but ended up including every single group and religion …except Whites, Christian and Pagans.