Engineer Jef Bishop: ‘You don’t keep the public safe by lying about why that building collapsed’

This week on 9/11 Free Fall, engineer Jef Bishop joins host Andy Steele to give a recap of his recent, well-received presentation on Building 7 to the Biloxi, Mississippi, branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers. They also talk about the larger battle to get the 9/11 evidence out to engineers and the general public in the face of a growing clampdown on the free exchange of ideas by professional institutions and internet platforms alike.
See Also: (AE911Truth) – Unscientific Method: How NIST Sidestepped the Evidence of Building 7’s Demolition – Ted Walter

In this webinar, AE911Truth Director of Strategy Ted Walter discusses how NIST sidestepped the evidence of Building 7’s demolition, using AE911Truth’s recent request for correction and NIST’s response to the request for correction as a vehicle for examining the evidence and NIST’s handling of it.