Breaking: ICC Has Jurisdiction Over Palestine For War Crimes

The ICC (International Criminal Court) decides it has jurisdiction over the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem to investigate warcrimes. In this video we focus primarily on Gaza and Israel’s warcrimes.
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The import, yet largely unknown to the Western World, history of which factored into the events surrounding Iran’s Islamic revolution of 1979 and how the Islamic Republic of Iran paved the way for a new Middle East.
Also: (Robert InLakesh) – Biden Continues Trump’s Israel-Palestine Policy

Joe Biden seems to be continuing on with Trump’s Palestine Policy and implementing the “deal of the century”.
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#SyriaUnderAttack​ Israeli Airstrikes Killed 2 Children, A Mother and Father, Injuring 4, In Western Hama (Syria). Also in the video we discuss settler attacks on Palestinian children which have escalated following the expansion of settlements, condemned by the EU, UK and UN. This is the fifth unprovoked strike of its kind by Israel, within the space of a month.
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Mike Pompeo has just stated that Al-Qaeda’s home base is Iran. Trump ups the pressure on Iran as he comes to the end of his Presidency.
Also: (Robert InLakesh) – Trump Accelerates Yemen Genocide, ‘Houthis’ Registered As Terrorist Group

The US Trump Administration, with only 2 weeks left in office, register Ansarullah (Houthis) as a terrorist organisation/group which will prevent aid to Yemen, derail peace talks and justify upping US strikes.
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