Breaking: Israeli Settler Attempts To Burn Down Jerusalem Church, Palestinian Child Killed

Today a terrorist attack took place against the East Jerusalem based, ‘Church of all Nations’, which is in the Mount of Olives area. Luckily the Israeli settler who committed the attack was apprehended by Palestinians. Later on in the day, it was confirmed that a Palestinian child had been killed by Israeli soldier gunfire, after having been shot in the stomach with live ammunition. Also discussed in this video is the case of Malek Issa, a 9 year old Palestinian shot in the head, who lost his eye and the case of the Dwabsheh family from the village of Duma (near Nablus).
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The Australian Prime Minister and media go crazy over a Chinese diplomats decision to tweet an image depicting what Australian special forces did to civilians in Afghanistan.
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Just recorded for Quds News: Summary of Trump’s Anti-Palestine, Pro-Israel, Record and information on the attacks on Gaza committed this morning, expected to escalate again soon.
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Trump administration to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. What does this mean and is it true an anti-war move? Also, are strikes on Iran likely in Donald Trump’s last months in office. (CORRECTION TO VIDEO- I Said Michael Flynn, when I meant to say Mark Esper, been a long day so apology for the mistake there.)

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Israel To Build 1,257 Illegal Settler Units In Southern Occupied Jerusalem. The Construction of the ‘Givat Hamatos’ colony is supposed to be a red-line for the International Community, yet there is no action. This is the effective theft of a Palestinian Capital, under any projected future two-State solution.
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Breaking News out of Jerusalem, where 340 people have been made homeless and there has been another campaign of home demolitions today.