Brain Damaged SJW – Completely Freaks Out (Remastered) – A Must See

Love Trump or hate him, regardless…this is the epitome of absolute derangement. When someone allows their political beliefs to cause a near aneurysm, it is time to re-examine one’s world view.

Original Video Republic of Texas Channel –
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Special thanks to Ian Ferguson

Idiot Vape shop worker is FIRED after going on furious expletive-filled rant and refusing to serve a customer because he was wearing MAGA hat and Trump T-shirt –…

Also: (RTR Truth Media) – ARMED YELLOW VESTED PROTESTERS at TEXAS COURTHOUSE – It’s Spreading – Find Out What & Why

When the armed protestors came across the bridge in their yellow vests, they were headed to the Dallas Criminal Courts Building, a morbid edifice named for a Mr. Crowley.

It has cascading Aztec steps and a severe aspect flung against the sky in brown brick and mirrored windows.

Inside, according to the yellow vest people, the state prosecuted “victimless, fictitious crimes” for which the punishment far exceeds the severity of the offenses, in their opinion.

Special thanks to RTR Truth media Contributor Rudy Davis of – LoneStar1776 on YouTube