Enjoy the misdirection in my opinion of why Facebook and Google’s stocks have taken a hit…. Can anyone say PURGE?

See Also: (RTR Truth Media) – LaVoy Finicum Assassination – The Planted Gun Analysis

In this video Curt Kruse looks into the fact that LaVoy was murdered while both his hands were in the air in gesture of compliance and surrender. His hands clearly held no weapon. Curt Kruse felt that this video was necessary in light of the fact that the government continues its attempts to justify murdering LaVoy.

Also: (RTR Truth Media) – RED ICE TV STRUCK with HAMMER & SICKLE – The Censorship Continues

I’ve been watching and subbed to Red Ice TV and Henrik Palmgren & Lana Lokteff, for a long time. They speak a lot of truth. And imagine – they got hit with the Hammer and Sickle for an old report on a Zionist NGO that was aiding and abetting illegal immigration into Europe, following this recent shooting. The scrubbing of truth is on. I agree with them on a lot, not all but not once have I ever seen them tell a lie. We have to stick together as this censorship threatens the very nature of journalism. Please sub to all their links.

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