CONFIRMED: Marco Rubio is a SOCIOPATH on the HIGHWAY to HELL !!!

Senator Marco Rubio has some explaining to do. For days he’s been tweeting an increasingly aggressive and hostile narrative toward Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, which was his prerogative, until he posted a bloody and violent threat today that has caused an uproar. #MarcoRubio posted a tweet this afternoon with two photos of former Libyan dictator Muammar #Gaddafi. The first photo shows Gaddafi sitting on a gold chair and smiling. The second photo shows Gaddafi being beaten to death by his own people, his face and clothes covered in blood right before being executed and sodomized with a bayonet. Its Official Marco Rubio is NO Christian and is going to hell.
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Weinhaus was a journalist that was shot four times in 2012 by MSHP. Many things have been documented in local media about his case, but not much reflected the truth of what happened that day.