FBI – the MODERN DAY KGB in AMERICA – The Phoenix Pre-Crime Surveillance Document Break Down

On this episode of the Resurrect the Republic weekly Radio Show, we break down the recently disclosed FBI memorandum document that analyzes “conspiracy theories as a cause for violent domestic terrorism. This bulletin also includes actual criminal conspiracies which are real, committed by government entities. All I can say to that is …no sh!t Sherlock.
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Joseph Walker A.K.A. Johnny Fubashar on Facebook meets with Rep. Dan Crenshaw and records a discussion about ERPO’s or Extreme Risk Protection Orders A.K.A. #RedFlagLaws, and the #TAPSact Mr’sCrenshaw, Dan’s wife allegedly got quite upset, grabbed Joseph’s iPhone and illegally began to search to destroy. She was reported to be attempting to delete the interview/conversation. All of this happens right in front of a Houston Police Officer as we are told by witnesses, the officer does nothing even though she was asked repeatedly to. Also: (RTR) – COP RAPES 5 YR OLD – NO JAIL – Gimme Back My Bullets!

Sometimes I come across a story I just have to vent on out to all of you to release the anger and frustration for this broken sick world. How anyone could let this scumbag off with no jail time is beyond me. Ive known fine Patriotic men who have fought for their neighbors and took stands that were honorable that did a hell of a lot more time… for having NOT ONE VICTIM! To this day men like Schaeffer Cox and Jeffrey Weinhaus – political prisoners exposing government corruption, are both still sitting in prisons… for having.. you guessed it NOT ONE VICTIM! Also: (RTR) – The Tale Of Two Hegelian Dipsh!ts – “Pre-Crime” Crenshaw v. Hasan “the Commie”

This latest viral insanity pits an Antifa Commie against an authoritarian who backs “Minority Report” legislation and Red Flag Laws. It makes one wonder why a liberal is on the serious attack when they have apparently have a Republican caving to their gun control dreams. Well a backlash against Crenshaw came and all but completely dissipated after this attack. Don’t check your brains at the door. It’s ok to castigate this Young Turd for his horrible comments while still standing in opposition to Crenshaw. Also: (RTR) – EPSTEIN UPDATE – MORE MOSSAD – IDF – UNIT 8200 CONNECTIONS

Starting off with some humor, we then delve into the more informative and serious. More information into the death and intrigue surrounding the Jeffrey Epstein death. Who is Nicole Junkermann? Also: (RTR) – LA CUOMO NOSTRA EXPOSED YET AGAIN – CNN in Flames Between “the Don” Lemon & “Fredo” Cuomo

I could not have asked for a better name for the idiot anchor who stands accused of sexually assaulting another man while drunk. “The Don” Lemon and his sidekick Chris “Fredo” Cuomo have CNN reeling from a one-two slam. Here is my comedic roast of La Cuomo Nostra that I was unable to upload the other day… Sorry but better late than never. Also: (RTR) – Ripple in Time – Echoes of a Hero

This is a small tribute to honor the memory of LaVoy Finicum. I sang both of these songs for him. “Destroyers are they who lay snares for many, and call it the state”

— Nietzsche

Robert LaVoy Finicum led our small band of protesters, including Cliven Bundy’s sons, Ryan and Ammon, American Patriots, who understood that the federal government and the Bureau of Land Management were consistently and constantly acquiring or simply taking land unconstitutionally, from farmers and ranchers across America. These men and women I was proud to stand with, we’re standing firm for property rights under Our Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution, when we occupied Malheur, near Burns, Oregon, on January 2nd, 2016 and began a standoff with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, that lasted forty-one days.