Marxist Attack of Anglo-Saxon Research Society – Anti-White Racism Strikes Again

The ISAS elects a self described “person of color” as their 2nd Vice-President EVER…. and what happens? She attacks the group from within like a good Cultural Marxist making what appears to me as false accusations of white supremacy and racism – and why? BECAUSE THE MIDEVIEL STUDY GROUP REFUSES TO CHANGE ITS NAME… which begs to question… why did she join to begin with?

The Washington Post Article begins:

Mary Rambaran-Olm hates drama. (No she doesn’t) as what she has done was exactly that… cause drama.)

So, in one of the most dramatic moments of her life — as she took the podium at an academic conference to resign from a prestigious medieval studies group over its alleged racism, sexism and ties to white supremacy — she kept things simple. She wasn’t nervous, (so typical of the oppressed right?) she didn’t tremble; she didn’t even bother to prepare notes. (But she doesn’t like drama…right….)

Facing several hundred people in an auditorium in downtown Washington this month, Rambaran-Olm spoke for less than a minute: The International Society of Anglo-Saxonists (ISAS) was encouraging and emboldening white supremacists, she said, an attitude typified by its refusal to change its name. Rambaran-Olm, a woman of color, was stepping down as the group’s second vice president, effective immediately.

“I just said what I had to say,” Rambaran-Olm, a 41-year-old academic researcher who lives in Ireland, said later. “I didn’t understand at the time what ripple effect it was going to have — I didn’t think it was going to snowball.”

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This former Congressman Pete McCloskey gave an address to the Institute for Historical Review on the ADL and more. This is an excerpt of that presentation. I do not agree with this Congressman on everything, but I believe him to be as real as they come. And he spoke the truth. #ADL PeteMcCloskey #Zionism Also: (RTR) – You Won’t Report This Will You Don Lemon? MSM Silent

For more than an hour, Christopher Dean was brutally beaten with a two-by-four and a crowbar. He was sodomized with a “handle-like object.” Then he was shot twice in the back of the head and killed. His body was put in the trunk of a car and left at a MARTA station in #Atlanta. #ChristopherDean was the father of two young children. The #race baiting mainstream media fell silent.

More than two years later, a jury convicted Lockett; Gibson, 23; Quatez Clark, 21; Rooks; and Green for murder, felony murder, participation in criminal street gang activity, and other related felonies.

Almon and Orlando Gibson will be tried before a Fulton County Superior Court Jury at a later time.

The Gangster Disciples, a nationwide gang is responsible for countless murders and robberies as well as extortion plots and drug trafficking throughout the United States, according to indictments of alleged members.

Larry Dean, Christopher’s father, spoke at the sentencing on Friday. Through tears, Larry said his son “was getting his life on the right track.”

Chris’ two sons “were everything to him,” his father said. “His death has affected the family greatly,” he said. “It was so very hard for me to tell a 5-year-old his daddy was never coming home.”

“We all have empty space in our hearts for Chris,” he said. “My heart will always miss Chris.” Also: (RTR) – The TREASON of BETO O’ROURKE – My Response

This has gone far enough. This man took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and he is openly advocating for its overthrow by means of disarming the law abiding public while using events not conducted by the law abiding public. I for one am questioning the authenticity of these mass shooting events as reported by the official narrative. I believe we are engaged in a “war by deception”. And while the American public is under direct assault on a variety of fronts, the one agenda that has been a primary goal by the Zionist banking elite, and the political parasites which is public disarmament is on full steam ahead. I, as everyone else, am entitled to my opinion. But my opinion is based on years of research and analysis. I have taken heed to the words of many of these CFR members. I will provide a list of direct irrefutable quotes when my internet is back up. Please be advised: My internet is and has been down for days. And we are told it can not be fixed until at least Sunday. This video was made on my iPhone.