Moloch Rising – Child Trafficking Via The State For Profit

Moloch Rising is a documentary set on exposing the corruption, criminality, and unconstitutional agenda being carried out in family courts across the United States. A big portion of the documentary has already been filmed including an interview with one of the leading scholars with direct expertise on the corruption taking place in Family Court, Dr Stephen Baskerville. The Proceeds will go towards finishing production of the film and conducting interviews with more of the top scholars and Phd’s in the country. If you are a parent, or friend/relative of a parent who has had their child taken from them through unjustifiable and unconstitutional State intervention, been treated like a criminal, and ordered to pay extortion under the guise of “child support,” please consider donating to this cause. Help us expose the injustice. Thank you.

Thanks to Eric Scharfenberger for video production and Manda Marie for her clips.

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Brusly, LA — Video footage that was leaked last month by an insider at a Louisiana middle school of a resource officer slamming a student to the ground and then pummeling him has led to the indictment of two Louisiana cops.

Last week, a West Baton Rouge grand jury indicted the two Brusly officers for their use of excessive force on the 14-year-old boy.

Former Brusly Police Department officer Anthony “Kip” Dupre was charged with malfeasance in office and former officer Dan Cipriano with a count of simple battery. The parents of the boy say the charges do not go far enough.

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This right here is why I do what I do. Watching Authoritarian psychopaths pummel kids, while occupying, stealing homes and private property… dropping bombs and killing children. I’m tired of apologists for this insanity who know little to nothing about what they are talking about support these war criminals.