Zionist Bolsheviks – Passengers in the Trojan Horse

No matter how hard I try, I can not comprehend what level of depravity can feel comfortable with the extermination of an entire population. JFK tried to prevent Israel from making nuclear weapons and most likely lost his life in the pursuit according to Israeli whistleblowing nuclear scientist Vannunu, and a heap of more evidence every movie, documentary or presentation excludes but for a few. I have tried to promote peace, and I am vilified, name called and castigated. When will people wake up and see the Bolsheviks in the Zionist movement and realize that we have given the keys to the castle to the still living and powerful Soviets.

In my opinion the Berlin Wall coming down was just one part in a series of public spectacles to convince us the war was over. It mentally and physically disarmed us all. Tell me why if I am incorrect does a entity as powerful as the US hire the former head of the Communist East German Stasi to consult on the formation of the US Dept. of Homeland Security? Why was the one that hired him, Micheal Chertoff of Russian heritage like many others who lead the Red Army? I report. You decide.