Oh SH*T! NATO Expands! – Aaron Maté On What’s Next To Come…

Russell Brand – Here’s my conversation with Aaron Maté, who is independent journalist at the Grayzone. We spoke about Finland joining NATO, Trump, war in Ukraine & more!
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The BBB’s election victory in the Netherlands has seen them cast as a fringe far-right party by the media. But are emission cutting strategies punishing small, family-owned farms while billionaires and corporations, facilitated by governments, greenwash their behaviour through an ESG Carbon Offset scam?

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Wall Street has purchased hundreds of thousands of single-family homes since the Great Recession and by 2030 will control a staggering 40% of U.S. single-family rental homes. You really will own nothing but with skyrocketing rents, it’s unlikely that you will be happy about it.