Was It All A SCAM?! What REALLY Happened With Facebook Crash??!

The global outage that saw Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp go dark for billions of users came just hours after Frances Haugen leaked a series of damning revelations about the company…. just a coincidence?
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Documentary filmmaker Deeyah Khan is determined to confront hate and prejudice by meeting some of the most extremist groups in the world. She has sat down with White Supremicists in the US and interviewed former Jihadists to further understand what drives people to join these groups. Her film “White Right: Meeting The Enemy” won an Emmy and is available on Netflix. We discuss the role politics, class, feminism and everything in between plays in relation to this issue. Also: (Awaken with JP) – IT’S ALRIGHT WHEN THEY DO IT!”: Elites Worst Kept Secret Exposed