Evo Morales: Those who rule Bolivia now are dictators, not me

Bolivia’s ousted president, Evo Morales, has told RT that the Organization of American States played a key role in deposing him, and that Bolivia’s huge reserves of lithium had spurred on the coup. Morales fled Bolivia earlier this month shortly after winning re-election to the presidency. Opponents claimed that the election was fraudulent and, though Morales offered to hold a fresh vote, he lost the support of his police and military then sought asylum in Mexico.

Morales was among a handful of leftist leaders remaining in Latin America and, speaking to former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa on RT Spanish, he claimed that the Organization of American States – a right-leaning bloc of states in the Americas based in Washington, DC – had engineered his downfall.

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We speak to the author of ‘The Best Democracy Money Can Buy’ Greg Palast on the coup in Bolivia against Evo Morales, the US’ motivations for the coup, the racism in Latin American right-wing politics, the regime attempt by the US against Venezuela and Nicolas Maduro and why the 2020 US elections will not be free elections.