Is US buying weapons for ISIS?

Millions of weapons made in Serbia have reportedly fallen into the hands of Islamic State fighters in Yemen and Syria – after they were bought by the United States and its allies, according to documents seen by a Bulgarian investigative journalist.
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The Pentagon’s research agency, DARPA, is proposing a new way to fight what it calls “large-scale, automated disinformation attacks”. Now, it will be software with automated algorithms that will find out whether information is true or false.

DARPA even claims ‘to be able to identify the source of news, …the alleged intent behind it, ..and the impact if it is spread’. Also: (RT) – Undeclared US airstrike on Syria’s Idlib leaves multiple casualties, puts truce at risk – Russia

Sending no warning to Russia or Turkey, the US bombed an array of targets within Idlib, Syria, killing numerous civilians and threatening the hard-earned truce across the province, the Russian Defense Ministry said. Also (RT) – ‘Unfair’ DNC nominating process may have cost Gabbard debates

Tulsi Gabbard’s presidential campaign has called on the DNC to ensure fairness by updating its approved debate-qualifying polls, raising concerns about a lack of transparency and the consistency of the required criteria. Featuring guest John Zogby Also (RT) – Kill or be killed: Israel plays the ‘preemptive strike’ card again

The UN is calling for ‘maximum restraint’ between Israel and its adversaries, as the threat of a new conflict in the Middle East escalates. It comes after Tel Aviv confirmed it carried out an air strike against Iranian forces in Syria on Saturday, in what it said was an effort to thwart a planned drone attack.

It’s also suspected of drone attacks in Lebanon and Iraq. Also: (RT) – Crippling effects of US sanctions and international isolation of Iran

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif spent about five hours in Biarritz, France, at the sidelines of the G7 summit. He talked with French president Emmanuel Macron, who appeared to want to act as negotiator between Iran and the US. Javad Zarif’s visit to France comes as his country continues to suffer the effects of crippling U.S. sanctions and international isolation.

Among those bearing the brunt are Iranian cancer patients, who say they’re struggling to access the treatment they need. Also: (RT) – CIA-backed militias in Afghanistan may undermine peace – study

A ninth round of peace talks between #US and the #Taliban is underway in Qatar. The report – by Brown University’s Watson Institute – argues that if a deal is brokered and Washington withdraws its troops from #Afghanistan the militias could start causing trouble.