Rick Sanchez: Japan accused of lying about radiation

High levels of radiation in the area around Fukushima, Japan have been discovered at locations intended for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Is the international sporting event in danger? RT America’s Michele Greenstein explains the lasting impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Then Kevin Kamps, radioactive waste specialist at Beyond Nuclear, joins Rick Sanchez to share his expertise. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich reports on the economic downturn in the airline industry before former director of Government, Public and Family Affairs for the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) Jamie Finch shares his insights. Pulitzer-winning author and host of “On Contact” Chris Hedges joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the influence of lobbyists on establishment media in their coverage of politics and that donors, bankers and billionaires have on the US political process. Plus, RT America’s Sayeh Tavangar reports on the role that fracking in the US played in fomenting the oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia.
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Global stock markets have already suffered record falls in recent days. The situation has been aggravated by the biggest collapse in the oil price since the early 1990s…as Saudi Arabia steps up its war for control of crude sales

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The second wave of Russian meddling hysteria…now around the 2020 elections