US ignores global protests that fail to align with its interests

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo commented on several protests taking place across the globe but not on those in Bolivia. From Latin America to the Middle East, Washington’s stance on world protests depends on national interests.
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Though the latest unrest in Iran about the rising prices of fuel started as a purely internal issue, Washington quickly inserted itself into the dispute, seeking to advance its agenda of toppling the government in Tehran. Also: (Russia Today) – U-turn outrage: US now views West Bank settlements as not illegal

The US announcement that it will no longer view West Bank Israeli settlements as inconsistent with international law has provoked outrage in all corners of the globe, on humanitarian, legal, and common-sense grounds. Also: (Russia Today) – Riots across Iran as state pushes 50% petrol price increase

The Iranian government’s surprise decision to raise gasoline prices, which caused #protests around the country, should be implemented, #Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali #Khamenei said, blaming the violence amid demonstrations on criminals. The divisive decision, announced this week, has caused protests in several Iranian cities. Khamenei was cited by the Iranian media on Sunday as saying that, while he was no expert in petrol industry, he still believed the government’s decision should be implemented. The Iranian leader also confirmed that there have been deaths related to the protests caused by the hike, blaming them on foreign influence.

“Sabotage and arson is done by hooligans not our people. The counter-revolution and Iran’s enemies have always supported sabotage and breaches of security and continue to do so,” he said as quoted by state TV. Also: (RT) – Protesters set Hong Kong university on FIRE, launch petrol bombs

Massive fires raged at the Hong Kong Polytech University campus where anti-government protesters were holed up as they pelted riot police with petrol bombs, and pleaded for the “democratic world” to save them. Also: (RT) – Hong Kong protesters march towards Polytechnic University

Riots police began dispersing protesters in #HongKong after several days of #standoff near the #PolytechnicUniversity Also: (RT) – US war criminals pardoned but whistleblowers prosecuted

Trump has pardoned two soldiers charged for war crimes in Afghanistan, suggesting that US troops are immune even in the face of their own military justice system, let alone the International Criminal Court. The president signed a clemency order on Friday granting full pardons to two Army officers facing war crimes charges – one awaiting trial and the other already behind bars – and reinstating the rank of a Navy Seal demoted earlier this year over similar war crimes accusations. Also: (RT) – Yellow Vests protest in Paris at movement’s 1-year anniversary

#YellowVests march in #Paris on Sunday, November 17, as the movement completes a year of weekly anti-government protests. The Yellow Vest protests were initially sparked by a fuel rise, but quickly spread throughout France and evolved into a general expression of dissatisfaction with the status quo. Also: (RT) – Hong Kong protesters occupy university in Kowloon (Part 2)

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‘They had important secrets, had become a burden and their role was over’: Syrian president connects the dots between the deaths of Jeffrey Epstein, the White Helmets co-founder, bin Laden and al-Baghdadi. Also: (RT) – Bolivia’s ousted Morales hints at returning

Speaking from Mexico, Bolivia’s ousted president Evo Morales says he wants to return to his homeland as soon as possible and pacify the nation.That’s while the country reels in political chaos with Morales supporters protesting what they are calling a coup. Also: (RT) – ABC, CBS ‘collude’ to axe alleged leaker of bombshell Epstein story

When American news channel ABC quietly shelved a bombshell report on disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein years ago, the network probably expected that was the end of the story. However, a recent rant by one of its anchors off-air but caught on camera, has brought allegations of a ‘cover up’ into the spotlight, and heads have rolled as a result. Also: (RT) – West isn’t happy losing control it’s had for 5 centuries – Lavrov

#Russia’s foreign minister is in the French capital this Tuesday, attending the #ParisPeaceForum. It’s an event aimed at promoting better global governance. Sergei #Lavrov was drawn on the subject of global responsibilities. Also: (RT) – ‘I will soon return’ – Morales accepts Mexican asylum offer

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales has announced his departure to Mexico, where he has been granted asylum, after opposition protests and military officials’ pressure forced the socialist leader’s resignation. Following his abrupt resignation over the weekend, Morales said he would flee Bolivia to take up the Mexican government’s offer for political asylum extended earlier on Monday, but promised to return with renewed energy. Mexico’s Foreign Minister confirmed that Morales had boarded a Mexican government aircraft “sent to ensure his safe transfer to our country.” Also: (RT) – I resign so persecution of socialist leaders stops – Morales

Bolivian President #EvoMorales resigned shortly after the military urged him to do so. Two officials next in line to take over the government also stepped down following weeks of protests. “I resign from my position as president so that (Carlos) #Mesa and (Luis Fernando) #Camacho do not continue to persecute socialist leaders,” Morales said during a televised address, mentioning the leaders of the opposition.