Systemic Racism Is An Excuse To Hide Failed Liberal Policies

In the current climate of statue toppling, city wide looting, arson, assault, vandalism, and sometimes murder the far left is also waging a cyber war. Politically incorrect opinions and facts deemed wrong think by anarcho-communists, are not only being censored, they are being used to remove people completely from social media and or their profession.
Under the banner of a noble cause like fighting racism or fascism the far left in the US especially, has been using the vehicles of BLM and Antifa, to engage in criminal activities. The names imply black lives matter and anti-fascism. Well, the Patriot Act has the word patriot in it too and Operation Iraqi Freedom had the word freedom in it. Labeling something good doesn’t make it so. Antifa wears the colors of anarchy and communism, they have more than demonstrated their hatred for Western Civ, capitalism, historical monuments, and the law. Elements of BLM which started as an organization to highlight police abuse, a legit issue ANCReport has been talking about longer than BLM has existed, but it quickly became a hate group smashing store widows looting and assaulting people. This Entitlement violence is rationalized in the minds of the people acting like animals because of the Liberal idea of systemic racism.

A while back Dr. Steve Hsu, Senior Vice-President for Research and Innovation,and a Professor of Theoretical Physics at Michigan State University, hit a nerve because he shared data which concluded that systemic racism is not the cause of economic failure between demographic groups in the US, which means something else is the cause (detrimental liberal policies).
Because of this “wrong think” Dr Hsu is now being targeted by activists on Twitter (a left leaning platform itself) The activists are accusing him of ‘racism’ and have gone so far as to clip segments out of context of a larger interview he gave, with a Canadian author, where they rejected the idea of systemic racism. The clipped interview omits the beginning where they concluded that intelligence not race is the indicator the data correlated between poverty or success. When I went to defend the Dr. by posting my 2 cents and the full video that had been clipped, the activist simply blocked me and my post.
This issue is vital because right now we are seeing entitlement violence which uniformly believes, because this is what they are taught in most schools, that systemic racism is to blame for demographic differences. Popping that bubble could have prevented riots. They are taught this because opposing this nonsense is met with life altering accusations. Being labeled a racist in the US carries with it almost the same stigma as being called a rapist. This is because there isn’t systemic racism, at least not towards minorities.
A normal reaction to a cop wrongfully killing man would be to blame that cop. That’s not what happened. It was immediately spun to be about race despite there not being any evidence for that other than that the cop was white. Two of the other cops present at the arrest were non-white. With judgemental prejudice, there was a collective blame asserted which claimed that this wasn’t just a bad cop, this is a systemic problem caused by systemic racism. It had to be because witch burning is emotionally gratifying for the mob. That every three letter network uncritically jumped on this narrative shows what the real prejudice is.
Again, there is no evidence yet that Derek Chauvin was motivated by racism when he caused the death of George Floyd. That he was White and the man being arrested was black was the only data those on a witch hunt needed to declare this as an example of racism rather than police abuse. Derek’s former employee however, revealed that this was more likely a Derek Chauvin problem as when he was a security officer for her establishment he often pepper sprayed people and escalated things to violence, when it wasn’t necessary, no matter who it was, because he’s a jerk. He apparently also pointed his gun at a white teenager and his friends over a Nerf dart toy. There were 17 other outstanding complaints about the officer. Looting and burning Target didn’t help anything.
The reactionary far left, of course, assumes there are only two explanations to choose from to explain demographic differences in income: people being racist or people being genetically inferior.
Since the data shows that individuals of all races and backgrounds will improve their economic status who have 100 IQ or more, this means systemic racism is wrong or so weak that anyone can overcome it. All races in the lower quintile for IQ did poorly measured by income, and all races were able to rise out of poverty who were not in the lowest quintile for IQ.
So if not genetics, then why do certain groups fall short economically or have low IQ? Well this is a question that has been answered many times. The literature is enormous. Similarly the myth of a wage gap between women and men continues to pop up no matter how many times the data smacks it down. The reason is because Liberals are so in love with the idea of having a cause to champion, that facts don’t matter. Even more ridiculous is that if you oppose their conspiracy of racism/sexism then obviously you must be racist or sexist yourself. The self righteous cause assumes its hypothesis is impregnable, and so its conclusion can’t be disagreed with for any reason other than you’re an evil fascist. This kind of childish position is fanatically held by many man-babies with such ferocity that they feel perfectly justified in using violence and bully tactics to stop opposition. After all, in their myopic world, there is only there way and literally Hitler. The most ironic thing is that they have more in common with the pro censorship fascist German political party of the 1930s than the people they accuse. Racism has to the be answer, otherwise they would be forced to look at what their do-gooder policies actually created based on the results. Maybe subsidizing broken homes and kicking dads out of the house was a bad idea. Maybe dis-incentivizing work ethic in favor of blame-onoimics was detrimental. Maybe affirmative action while sounding good, did little other than to disqualify people based on their biological category while simultaneously discrediting the merit of other people who may not have even needed the favoritism by undermining their credentials by holding it to lower standards. Maybe Liberal policies for divorce and taxes on business owners, window dressing education programs and many other things simple are wrong and create bad results. Maybe just yelling shut up racist will one day not be able to hide policies of stupidity.
But this is a question that cannot be asked because it is so taboo. Why is it taboo? Because Liberals fear the answer. They fear either that certain races are genetically inferior to others (this isn’t true but some believe it is) which is something they might secretly believe themselves, or they have to admit that their policies have been detrimental and made things worse. Both answers are not allowable.
This discussion needed to happen a long time ago, and if it had then we would not being in the situation we have now with riots happening across the globe. But it wasn’t allowed. Racism is great click bait for the media. And as Nasim Taleb says, the most intolerant wins. People shy away from stating facts because the mere accusation of racism or sometimes of being a “Nazi” will get one fired from their job and ostracized from friends.
There are many reasons why on average one group appears ahead of another group. One of these is local policies. Liberal areas in urban centers with policies of welfare and social programs for broken homes, have based on all the data available across many nations, been a miserable failure. It this data has been available and consistent for a long time. The far left will not and can not blame its own failed policies for hurting minorities. So it needs to for self preservation sake shift the blame over to prejudices and racism.
We don’t know how much of IQ is genetic or environmental exactly but basically everyone in the field would say is that it is both. Intelligence is hard to quantify. What we can quantify however is wealth. And we can see that different demographic groups succeed or fail in different areas. Obviously people in North and South Korea do not obtain even remotely the same level of wealth despite as similar genetics, linguistic and IQ as there can be. Clearly political policy has a greater impact than demographics. For everyone in both countries is Korean, and they all speak Korean, yet the economic disparities are night and day.
What about within the same nation though? Well averages can be deceiving. For example east Asians may on average earn more than Hispanics. However one could point out that older people earn more than younger people and the average age of east Asians is higher than the average age of Hispanics. Hispanics on average have larger families. Nothing nefarious, and yet without what is usually a simple explanation or left out factor, someone with an agenda could try to use such a statistic the declare that their is systemic racism.
Even within a country often the coastal areas have a large disparity from the inland areas in terms of wealth. And within racial groups, policy and location matter more than race. The wealth gap between Western and Eastern Europeans is greater than that of Whites and Blacks in the United States. So clearly genes don’t create wealth. This is very obvious, but apparently not obvious enough. Siblings within the same household who share many of the same genes have dramatically different economic outcomes from one another based on their individual decisions. These people look alike, and are alike genetically, and yet this doesn’t seem to matter very much.
Cultural factors are also a major factor in determining financial success as economist Thomas Sowell explains:
Other factors make a great impact such as finishing high school, staying away from drugs, having a nuclear family, and possessing an internal locus of control. Blacks are failing in all these categories. Perhaps nothing is more important than holding people accountable for bad decisions. We have all seen how bad and stupid the government is with money when there is no consequence for wasting it and when they didn’t have to work to obtain it. Why would individuals be any different? Few things handicap a person more than giving them excuses for why they can’t do something hard. BLM is just a misspelling for blame. They actually get angry when someone says all lives matter. This is because that undermines the victim-hood pissing contest. Did Whites and Jews not also have holodomor, the holocaust, potato famines, and slavery? Did you know there were more white slaves in North Africa and for a longer period of time, than all the black slaves in North America? Do you know how many Chinese died from Communism? But they don’t carry these atrocities around like an anchor.
America values hard work. Liberals do not. Liberals want equality of outcome without equal input. This is because equality isn’t really the goal. Satisfying the psychological need to feel morally superior while also, through the guise of helping the “lesser than thou” they can feel above other people. it is called paternalistic racism. You can tell how insincere the outrage is by its inconstancy. Was the world shown a clip of Nigerian police abuse? Does it matter how Blacks are treated in Israel? Of course not because taking such a political stance would actually incur risk. Did people march around in Australia and England because a cop hurt someone in China? No, because China doesn’t fit the Western model of hierarchy based on merit that they so despise. Nigeria can’t be held responsible for anything because it is black. Does it move these people that their own nation’s policies support terrorists in Syria, ethnic cleansing in Palestine, starvation in Yemen, and dictatorships around the globe? No. When Obama invaded Libya and took a functional African nation and blew it back into the stone age, then handed it over to Al Qaeda, did black and brown lives matter then? No, because a Democrat did it. Obama and Clinton made Slavery Great Again. In 2011 under the rule of Al Qaeda, slavery returned to North Africa. You could buy and sell a person for $400. Here we have actually slavery in the present day, not slavery from 155 years ago. Did black lives matter then? These things do matter to some leftist but not the far left and certainly not Antifa who trained with communist separatist groups like the YPG, PKK and even Al Qaeda.
Media also has a huge influence. When a degenerate sub culture is fostered on a population and packaged as a racial or ethnic identity this is detrimental. This could be push a sense of pride in drinking prowess on the Irish, or Ebonics as a way of ‘keeping it real’ for black youth in America. Presidential candidate Joe Biden seemed to also think that Blacks should think monolithically, and that those not voting for him simply aren’t really Black. Journalist Hafeez Baoku had an excellent break down of how silly this kind of thinking is. You can not ascribe to someone what their political opinions ought to be based on skin color.
Liberals, many with the best of intentions have hurt the black community, not wide spread racism, the police, scientific data or Dr. Steve Hsu. This does not mean that police abuse isn’t an issue, for all people, and it does not mean that racism doesn’t exist at all. Political and social discourse really must end this dismissive woke culture that sits trigger happy with the accusation of racism on its lips or any other ism/phobia. It prevents a conversation about all the real causes and things that should be changed within policy, culture, media and attitude.
If we do not allow for academic freedom, as well as free speech in the public square, if we allow an intolerant far left mob to implement cancel-culture, then actual prejudice and racism will prevail.

Had free speech not been bullied out of the public discourse by loons yelling racist at any and everything, the BLM/Antifa riots burning and looting cites would not have occurred. Violence always festers behind silencing discourse.