The Club of Rome Doomsday Project

This October the Club of Rome will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The elite responsible for the Club of Rome and its Malthusian philosophy have long used the fear of external enemies and the Hegelian dialectic of problem, reaction, solution to impose a political and social agenda on humanity. For the Club of Rome, you are the problem. We’re told if we don’t act now rising temperatures and seas along with increasing weather anomalies and crop failures will end humanity in the next twenty or so years. According to this doomsday scenario, the final chapter of humanity will be mega-droughts, famine, and widespread civil unrest. The global warming thesis is designed to control, depopulate, and rollback civilization. An Anthropocene endgame was designed to elicit fear in populations and ensure their compliance and complicity as a global totalitarian system micromanaged by a banker and corporate elite. If you want to learn about this organization and its Malthusian agenda, please subscribe to Newsbud and watch the entire video.

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