AHH! What Pisses Me Off About Idiots Who Tell You Not To Have Children

Question: “I recently listened to a podcast on anti-natalism. And needless to say it left me churning for the last few days. The pro-anti-natalist made the point that due to the vast amount of suffering in the world verses the sparse amount of pleasure/good that if we were to look at things from the perspective of the as yet to exist child that the said child would obviously choose nonexistence. I can almost understand this proposition but find myself in the end disagreeing with it. Now this brings up a few conundrums for me. Firstly in order to have any opinion/perspective a thing would have to exist in some form, so then wouldn’t a person be causing undo suffering by consciously denying that hypothetical child the opportunity to experience whether it is full of pain or not. It seems to me that this is almost a case of the grass is always greener on the other side wherein from a materialist perspective (I’m not exactly a certifiable materialist) there is no such thing as nothingness outside of the human mind. Even in quantum mechanics a seemingly empty space has the potential to spontaneously produce little bits and pieces. So how in the real world would we have any concept on whether nothingness would be better than even the most painful experiences?”