Shocking! Teacher Explains School Shootings, Why Students Are In Danger!

Question: “I’m writing in because of a recent podcast I listened to involving changes to the story of the Florida School Shooting. Stefan discussed some topics I’m intimately familiar with due to my profession. I am a special education teacher working in an alternative program for students who’ve been expelled from their regular schools. I’m certain that my school is very similar to the one Nikolas Cruz attended for a short time before his shooting rampage. I would like to share some of the outrageous things I’ve seen happening in public education and the special education world as a whole. There are a lot of cases very similar to Nikolas Cruz and I think many of these, students are ticking time bombs and it’s only a matter of time before we see more instances of mass violence. Due to federal laws, students can basically get away with anything. We’ve had students attack teachers, bring knives and even guns to school, sell drugs on school property, and much more. They have little to no lasting consequences. This is especially true if they have an Individual Education Plan. It’s only a matter of time before another case like Nikolas Cruz happens again.”