The Brave Confessions of an Ex-Feminist! – Freedomain Radio Call In

“Hello Stefan, I’m almost 21 years old, and I love your show. I have a very very complicated past and I have a large amount of trouble processing the guilt, shame, anger, and resentment left over from that past. The issues span from my parents, friends, relationships, and self image. I was involved in feminism and leftism from a very early age, that I feel contributed to the danger I found myself in at age 18, heavy drinking, promiscuity, sexual assault, abuse, eating disorders, etc. After having a huge shift in thinking that was beaten down by my loved ones, and turning heavily to philosophy, conservativism, and responsibility, it brought up some massive questions for me. I think it may be very important to speak to you, in order to process this. How do I move forward on my own, and manage to find a healthy arrangement for myself, when I’m haunted by the shame and anger of who I was, and what I was?”